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Game: Valorant high ping

Helpful Neighbour

Dear Telus, 

I had contacted Riot Game/Valorant about high latency and after a week of troubleshooting. 

Riot Game claimed it is nothing to do with their end. It's related to Telus Routing issue and need to be escalate to Telus NOC / Peering Department. 


Below is the message from Riot Game

Hi NeZha, 

Considering how the problem still persists, I would recommend that you contact your Internet Provider in order to see whether they can improve their routing to our servers. Even if other games or apps are working okay, keep in mind that each of them have different routes, so the issue might only affect your route towards our game.

If you need help about how to approach them about the situation, you can ask for a re-route, and it is a good idea to request your ISP to assign you a static IP address if possible, and you would need to ask them to verify if you are getting a consistent public IP with all your traffic bound to the Internet, regardless of protocols.

In case your ISP needs all the details regarding the route that we're using provide them our PeeringDB page and suggest them to contact us directly.

Until you hear back from them, you might see an improvement from using a VPN (like you already stated you were using) - but keep in mind that this is only a temporary workaround. It may help address your routing issues and improve the stability of your connection, but it will likely slightly increase your ping.

Here are some free-to-use VPNs that you could try (if using a VPN is legal in your country):
• Hot Spot Shield
• Haste
• CyberGhost
• WTFast
• TunnelBear
• Windscribe

Let me know how it goes with the ISP, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions in the meantime!


Below is the Trace Route.


Here is my problem, If I connected to a VPN with Chicago node, I can get 40ms in game (Valorant - Illinois Server). Without a VPN, I get 70ms in game. (Other servers Oregon 20ms , N.California 30ms , Texas 60ms - Seem OK)


From the Traceroute, It shows that the connections are from Calgary > Seattle (Riot Direct) > Chicago. According to my research, It should be from Calgary > Chicago (Riot Direct).


I'm an IT support, I know what I am talking here. If you need more information. Pls let me know. 


Thank you. 


Helpful Neighbour

This is my ETS Escalation # 998294. 

can someone take a look ?