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Fibre optic line on the ground

Last night my power pole crashed to the ground. Hydro was on it within 20 minutes and had a new pole in place in 3 hours with service. They told me to contact Telus about their lines. Now the pain in the butt begins.
Try to find a number to report a downed line or line on the ground or broken phone/fibre optic line. No matter what I searched, I got a page with then trying to sell me something.
I called a number and got to listen to lively music for 20 minutes before getting disconnected and trying again only to hear the music again for another 20.

Does anyone have the secrecy password to get a hold of this company to report their technical trouble. I don’t want a new phone or to move my service or to buy shares in their company. I just want my service back long enough to cancel and go with another service provider that actually has a trouble shooting number a person can reach.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@Beer10 Fastest way to report the line down is their social media channels. It’s no secret where the information is to contact them.


Facebook or Twitter is always the preference method or live chat. Calling in early is the only way to beat the rush.


A fibre line does take longer to repair. It’s not instant fix.


If you have Telus Home Phone service try calling 611.  That is the standard repair service number for many many telcos.  And repair of phone service is supposed to get priority so always say that your phone service is down.

Community Power User
Community Power User

A cable being down usually supercedes a single phone out of service in order of repair. If OP just tells them exactly what the issue is Telus should be able to arrange a cable crew to get out there. If OP does as you say and reports it as no dialtone, that won't get to a cable crew anywhere near as fast.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Beer10 Did you succeed in getting this issue resolved?