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Eliminating T3200M and using Netgear Nighthawk R7000

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So I understand that the Netgear R7000 or Tplink P5 routers support IPTV through VLAN setup which can help remove Telus's Actiontech router. Does anyone know if it's possible to still have internet through the port you have setup for vlan/the optik tv port?

My issue is that I have one cat7 line going from my storage room where the internet equipment is, to my living room. Then I have an unmanaged dlink switch that splits out to the Telus STB, and additional lines to my LG TV (Netflix), Chromecast, receiver, spare ethernet hardline, etc. The Actiontech T3200 can handle this no problem and provide ip addresses to all connected devices in the living room.

I heard that the Netgear router once you set a port to VLAN, you can't get internet on that port. Anyone have any experience, or have found a solution?


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Note I haven't bought a IPTV router yet. In the storage room I'm currently running ONT -> unmanaged switch ->
->Linksys EA7500 router for my other rooms and wifi.
-> T3200 for living room devices + optik tv

Just seeing if I can get rid of Telus and Linksys routers, the switch after the ONT, and just use one IPTV router.

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Hi there,


I had troubles with this for a very long time and I have finally found a solution.  My setup is as follows:
ONT Fiber ---> R7000 WAN ---> Switches ---> Everything else including access points and hard wired tv boxes.

Of course, you need to have IGMP enabled in the LAN settings of the R7000 device.  However, when you do this, TV cuts out every 5 or so minutes and comes back with channel switch or in about 30 seconds.  The problem seems to be with the firmware.  I downgraded from version to version V1.0.7.2.  This router is the only one in the equation so it will be your DHCP and everything as well - ditch the T3200M completely.  My TV has been stable so far.  I have not yet tested any other firmware versions.  A rule of thumb is to always use the latest firmware because of security updates but... oh well, this works....


You are taking a big risk using the R7000, especially with the old firmware. The security vulnerabilities of the Netgear routers have been in the news lately. Version is supposed to have some security patches but I haven't tried it. My R7000 has been decommissioned for a year now due to Netgear's inability to release stable and secure firmware since version


The T3200M has some limitations but it is much more secure and stable than the R7000.