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Do these DSL Line 1 numbers seem normal for Internet 50?

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Every day we have a couple of 2-3 minute dropouts. It's not a wifi issue, as it happens on Ethernet connected devices too. The whole network just stops responding, web pages hang and things will appear to load forever. Happens to all devices on network.

I've tried looking up these values on Google but I don't really understand what they mean. From what I read my SNR is a bit on the low end? Do my DSL line 1 stats seem typical?

Also is this normal router log behavior? :

Community Power User
Community Power User

Nothing wrong with the line stats.


Now for the log, what's connected to port 1 on the gateway? The log file keeps mentioning that port repeatedly dropping and reconnecting at varying speeds (gigabit & 10mbps). Something is really not normal there.

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