Difficulty in cancelling a home phone service that is no longer required.


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Perhaps some folks in the community can assist me. I am trying to contact Telus via phone to cancel a home phone service that I no longer require. The wait times are interminable, much longer than the 1 hr often mentioned at the beginning of the call. Emailing Telus about this issue resulted in no action, they simply restated that this must be done by contacting the loyalty service over the phone.  Since this proving to be practically impossible, how does one overcome the Telus built in barrier to reducing one's services short of cancelling payments? 


Some advice would be appreciated.

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Community Power User

You could try their social media team on Twitter (TELUSsupport), or try a call first thing in the morning. Cancelling payments only leads to a bad Credit Report Score, so not recommended.



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Alternatively, did you get a call back option and if so, did you try it? I called yesterday and initially got the message saying it will be one hour.  Decided to hold and to my surprise, I got someone within 25 minutes.