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Hi All,


I have Telus Optik TV  (4K x 4 boxes) and I have Telus Fibre using 4 Telus Boost WiFi antennas (which rocks by the way).


I have been using the My WiFi app on my iPhone,  and it all works great.


I do have a question on two 'mystery devices' that appear to be attached to my network.   What is interesting is that my router is using 192.168.1.* as the subnet for all my devices,  and I am only using the 5G in the modem for the Optik TV, which is using the standard SID and password that's defaulted on the router.  My Boost WiFI is using a custom SID and password for all other wifi devices in my household.


I have been able to identify and name all the devices (including the Optik TV devices)  and the only question I have,  is that I have two devices 'detected' on my network that are identified as devices by CyberTAN Technologies.  The IP address assigned,  and it's hooked up to Band5G_Guest3 network.   I have disabled 'Guest' on the router and WiFi boosts,  so Im puzzled why I am seeing these two devices appear in the "My WiFi"  app,  unless something is being picked up on the WAN side of the router (which I doubt)


Im curious if other people see these mystery devices on their networks with the same configuration I have,  or if they are something to do on the TELUS side that I should ignore. 








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CyberTAN is a manufacturer of a few different classes of devices or components for various devices, mainly networking. The brand name you see on the outside will likely be different. A 169 IP address basically means whatever the device is, that it has no internet connection.


They make:

Fixed broadband products
- Broadband/DSL routers, Cable Gateways, WiFi AP Bridge
Mobile broadband products
- 4G/LTE Router, Satellite Router
Voice over IP products
- Wired/Wireless VoIP gateways, ADSL 2/2+ IAD, VDSL2 IAD
Wireless/SiP Products
-- Wireless embeded modules, SiP modules, IoT modules
Digital home products
- DTA/IP/Cable/Satellite Set-Top-Box, IoT gateways

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Thanks for the explanation Nighthawk,  they looked like a provider of networking hardware (from my google search)  but I don't understand why these devices are being picked up by the Telus My Wi-Fi app.  If they didn't have access to the internet,  the Wi-Fi app shouldn't have picked them up and showing a SID that I don't recognize.


Just wanted to see if others with a similar setup are seeing the same types of devices,   since this might be an internal TELUS configuration that the app is reporting.



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I don't see it on mine here so there's likely some type of hardware that's tried connecting at one point that you may be overlooking. One post I saw for CyberTAN devices mentioned it may also be a home alarm system (if you have a wifi enabled model). If whatever the device is, is misconfigured and isn't set to grab an IP automatically, that could be why it's showing a connection and an invalid IP.

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We do have an alarm system and it’s all cellular ( no wifi). What i did was pause the internet to these devices, so the underlying MAC addresses are blocked on the network, and everything still works as normal, so I will leave them paused. Thanks for your help

I also have two mystery Cybertan devices showing.  different MAC addresses but get the same IP address assigned in the 169.254.0 range

the Telus chat support rep thought they may be ad-hoc internal connections created when streaming Netflix to an Optik device.