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Connecting Deco M5 to Advanced Wifi Modem


Hi, I’ve been using the Deco M5 ever since I was with Shaw, in the default router mode. Last week a Telus technician came to my place to hook me up to PureFibre 750, internet only (ONT in garage; advanced wifi modem installed in room on the second floor with cat5 connection to the wall outlet).


I read in the deco manual that to avoid interference it is best to turn off the wifi and enable bridge mode on the existing modem (wifi advanced modem). But I’d rather not fiddle too much with the default Telus settings. So I’m curious if I would actually get better results using the deco as extenders of the existing Telus network, or keeping it in router mode with its own separate network?


Community Power User
Community Power User
You can always try your deco on port 1 of the T3200m and see what your results are. If the results are negligible then leave the original setup as is.

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Thanks a lot! I'll give that a try 🙂

Hi! I'm setting up a deco m5 system with a t3200m, and I'm wondering what you discovered 🙂

I use the Deco in port 1 on the t3200 and it works great. I didn’t touch any of the settings on the t3200.