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Cancelled Order

Just Moved In

As I am unavailable to find another way to send feedback about my sales experience I'm posting here.  On Black Friday I took advantage of an offer for my internet service.  I am a current customer and was looking for an option to reduce my bill (and lock into a 2-year term).  I completed the order online through my verified account login, scheduled an installation date, and great! Then I had a call from a person saying they were with telus and asking me to give them my PIN.  Huh? Like how many scams are there where people try to elicit information in order to hack/scan/you name it? So I declined to provide personal info on the phone.  I received a second call - same story.  "They" called me and wanted me to provide personal information (PIN) in order to talk to me about my recent order.  Again - HUH?!  Has no one at telus ever been targetted by scammers who call and get people to hand over personal or sensitive info in order to commit fraud? 

So - again I declined to provide PIN and said I would call telus myself.  Well, guess what - it was the middle of hte day and I was busy.  So by the time I got to my email and order number, I discovered someone had gone ahead and CANCELLED my order for no reason.  


So, I thought you would be interested in this story because with the terrible customer service I decided to look at other providers and found a fantastic deal from shaw.  I went ahead and signed up for a 2 year contract with them. 


I am taking the time to write this in order to give you feedback that might help you improve your customer service and could not find another avenue to send this feedback to you. Unfortunately I will not be a home services customer any longer but maybe you can avoid future issues with other clients.