Can't program remote for Samsung blu ray player


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I have a Samsung blu ray player bd-e5700. I tried all the codes on the list provided for the slimline remote but none seem to work. Anyone have any ideas or other codes to use?
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Not all devices will be supported on the remote. For my Samsung blu-ray player, i just use the remote that came with it. Far more simplified and easy since the blu-ray player has HDMI-CEC which means when it turns on the TV changes input automatically. There is no guarantee that the codes for the Slimline remotes will work with your blu-ray player.


If you have the Slimline 1 remote (older, discontinued) the Samsung DVD/blu-ray player codes are:

1194  1731  1201  1733  1193  1734
1405  1735  1284  1202  1197  1727
1724  1401  1398  1195  1757  1754
1736  1732  1729  1728  1726  1725
1723  1404  1403  1402  1400  1399
1397  1199  1198  1196  1192  1191
1190  1189  1188  1187  1171  1170
1169  1134

The Slimline 2 remote does not support any DVD/blu-ray players.

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