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Bridge mode on VDSL2


Apart from Telus advising the actiontec T3200M can be put into bridge mode please note that this is not truly a bridged modem. As long as the device still performs NAT (which cannot be disabled) and still assigns via DHCP (cannot be disabled) the device is not in anything near bridge mode. A gateway device in bridge mode is simply a gateway and performs no routing or services to your network other than the connection itself. What you end up with is not what you are trying to achieve.


Telus informs me they offer no device on a home network which can be put into bridge mode to service VDSL2 (bonded).

If you want hi speed and you want bridge mode what do you do?


My best guess is you use a 3rd party (unsupported by Telus) gateway device like the Zyxel VMG5325-B10A. The question is how do you register it and configure it to work on Telus? Anyone tried this, figured it out? If not this Zyxel how about some other supplier?



You can easily put T3200M into bridge mode. Sometimes it depends on whom you talk to.  Telus techs are very familiar with it but the other CSRs are not.  Telus had a policy of not allowing bridge mode at one time.  With T3200M it is very simple.