Boost Wifi seriously acting up - hanging, slow signal


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Hi everyone,

So I’ve had the boost Wi-Fi extender for a while now and it’s been okay for the most part outside of some weird signal drops occasionally.

However now, it’s becoming so bad that I’m ready to throw the things across the room. I’ll be connected just fine and then out of nowhere the internet connection will just falter. It will never completely die, but it will take forever to establish connections and often run at a snails pace when it does connect. The extenders are unique SSIDs, also.

After some time things will recover but then it’s trash again.

I’ve disabled wifi on my main router, rebooted the extenders, tried to reseat them so that the secondary has excellent signal but nothing has worked.

When I turned the wireless signals back on from the router they work fine, as does a secondary wirleless router positioned about 50 feet from the extenders (we have terrible signal coverage in our home hence us getting the extenders).

I’m not sure what else I can do to fix this, I plan on calling the support line during the day tomorrow but I don’t know what they’ll be able to do.

Hope someone can provide some advice, thanks!
Community Power User
Community Power User

One Booster connected by Ethernet; the other by Wi-Fi from the first?


Have you tried swapping the two, and setting up again?


You seem to have kept a god record of what is happening, which should help a tech do more troubleshooting if swapping does not address the issue for you.


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