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I'm a Telus user in good standing but am not satisfied with the way I'm billed.They just tell you that you owe for 85gigs or 215 or whatever they want and I have to pay, show me specifics. I know there are different data file types (.Mp4/.jpg/.rar/.cbr/.pdf) my question, Is it possible to get a more detailed internet usage bill?Like a phone bill which shows all long distance charges in itemized fashion , why cant up or downloaded data packages be tallied similarly?I want to see what i'm paying for.

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There is no way to "itemize" internet usage. It's metered like any utility like water, hydro etc.


You can read more about it here and here. This will give you rough ideas on usage. Telus gives plenty of data allowance and unlimited for extra costs on some plans. It's not really a concern on home internet connections. You can download network bandwidth monitor tools, but it will in no way give you the kind of details you want.

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1. A single web page can be dozens to hundreds of files or instructions.
2. Opening and recording the content type of each file adds immense overhead to the transfer
3. https packets are not openable  by the ISP
4. Your computer doesn’t even record or keep records of all files downloaded.

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@johnf wrote:


Like a phone bill which shows all long distance charges in itemized fashion , why cant up or downloaded data packages be tallied similarly?

My phone data gives me usage records, states the time data was used and how much each time. I don't require anything more. But you can't compare phone calls to internet usage, they're not comparable, so you'll always baffle yourself by trying to make the comparison. It's also been common knowledge for at least a few years now how much data every single internet thing uses. You can Google it and do some math. I think Telus even has an app for that.


I should say too, Shaw just gives me the single line graph for internet usage, but that's all I need, because as I said above, usage for everything is widely known. I know what we all do online, so I know how much our usage should show every month. Online habits don't vary much.