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Actiontec T3200M and Telus Boost WiFi

Just Moved In

HI guys,

I have optikTV and 3 receivers . Wireles receiver has bad signal and can not work. Is  possible to boost signal with  Telus booster and get wireless receiver to work.Telus booster has own SSID and wireless receiver should be connected dircect to  Actiontec T3200M to work as per technician who installed optik tv. if is not possible I do not need to spend time playing around. But if is possible -how?

thank you



Community Power User
Community Power User

To my knowledge, the Telus Boost devices do not manage the multicast services necessary for the TV signal, which is why the Tech would have set it up to connect to the T3200M. If there is any possibility to connect your additional TVs with Ethernet, that would be my suggestion to get better connections.


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