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Why is my Optik TV Guide displaying the Wrong Information?

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It is never a welcomed surprise when you notice your guide is displaying the wrong info. Here is some info on what causes this problem and how to fix it.


Root-Cause - Incorrect Metadata


Metadata is data used to describe other data. In this case, the metadata is the description of the channel, on-demand content or application you see on your Optik TV guide.


Metadata is pre-defined by editorial teams of the content provider (e.g. CTV, FOX).  They provide the information to broadcasters and the telecommunications companies (e.g. TELUS).


Resolution – Reporting Discrepancies


Should you encounter incorrect metadata, it is important to Contact us with real-time examples and gather as much information as possible.  Here’s some things we will ask for--

  • Channel #: 
  • Channel Name:
  • Program Expected in Guide:
  • Actual Program Listed in Guide: 
  • Expected Start Time (EST/MST/PST): 
  • Expected End Time (EST/MST/PST):  

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