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reverse DNS entry for static IP address

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How can I get a PTR record entered in DNS for one of our static IP addresses?


I have been struggling for 3-1/2 weeks now trying to get a PTR record (Reverse DNS) working for one of our Static IP address on our PureFibre service. I have a ticket open "Telus Case - 11044125 [ ref:_00D306o0._5001W1iWyjR:ref ]". If anyone at Telus can escalate this and get some results i would greatly appreciate it.


To compare, some of our buildings have internet service through Shaw. On one of them last week I requested a Reverse DNS entry. I waited 2 days and it was done, as simple as that. Now this is at least 1 day longer than I think it should take but it is infinitely better that the hours I have spent struggling with my Telus support agent over the past 3-1/2 weeks.


The agent I am dealing with is in some other time zone so it takes 48 hours minimum for one 2 way email exchange. This is not acceptable. It is even worse because this support agent seems to also have days off during the week so some exchanges take 3 or 4 days. The agent I am dealing with only has access to what I now know is called "WPPP & DSC" in Telus language. They are repeatedly telling me that the info is set up correctly and send me screenshots and command dumps of WPPP and DSC to prove it to me. And yes, this information has been correct for the past 2-1/2 weeks already. But for some reason it is not propagating out o the public DNS...


I requested an escalation and finally (a week later) my support agent got back to me saying their "backend team" has got it working and are just waiting for customer confirmation. Well I checked and, yes they did get something working in the public DNS space but the misspelled the domain names. So I replied explaining the situation of the misspelling. Now more than a week later all i can get from my support agent is "As per the previous comments earlier in the ticket the DNS host and domain names have been provisioned correctly in WPPP/DSC:", followed by a command dump of their "WPPP/DSC" records. Yes, their "WPPP/DSC" records are still correct but they do not reflect what I see when I do a :

nslookup or

dig -x or


I really don't know how to proceed. I also tried phoning in to support and of course went through the required wait on hold for over 30 minutes only to be told I have to be transferred to another department witch is another over 30 minutes on hold, but that ended in me getting a support agent who was only able to see that the information she had available to her was set up correctly just like I had requested but she did not know how to make it propagate to the public internet. She told me she'd find out and get back to me - I'm still waiting on that for 3 weeks now. I am stuck in a nightmare of a Telus administrative black hole. Someone please point me to the correct department to deal with this issue directly.



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