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Wow how long do i really have to wait..

Friendly Neighbour

Really telus how long do i have to wait to get a answer on getting some business services? Iv been waiting for pricing information for over 6 months now. 3 weeks ago i emails a business rep explaining once again what i want. They emailed back needing more info and i emailed them all the info they needed. I have sent a few emails over the 3 weeks with not 1 response. I have called and surprising enough every time is goes to their voicemail. I have left msg on their line as well as left msg on the main answering service several times with 0 response. This is pretty sad when your business team has so little regard for its customers. Maby we will just stick with our current solution as they are more than happy with our money


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @zrock, I'm very sorry to hear about this. I've sent you a PM for more info, and will help to get this moving. Thanks!