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Why my phone jack is not good?

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I have 2 phone jacks in my room. One is close to my bed while the other one is close to my desk. When the Telus technician came to do the installation, he said the one close to my desk is not good, so he connected the modem to the one close to my bed. Due to my curiosity, I opened the jack close to my desk trying to find out if there is any built in phone line. I found that there are phone lines connected. The only difference this jack doesn't have the same plate as the other. The good one has 2 tiny boxes while the one close to my desk has a few stubs with phone lines connected. I don't understand why the Telus technician couldn't install the jack close to my desk for me. I am thinking of switching to other service provider because I am worrying about the radiation from the modem since it is right next to my bed. Any idea if I can fix the jack myself so that I can plug the modem in?



It all depends on the wire quality(twisted pairs) and if that desk outlet is direct to the demarc(on side of house service entrance) without going for a cruise around the house first(daisy chained).


A POTS splitter(plain old telephone service) should of been installed at the service entrance, thus requiring a slight knowledge of how to rewire your service to make use of the outlet by the desk.


Any screwups in your trying to rewire and the need for a Telus tech to come out to restore service, may be charged to you.


You can call Telus and ask nicely to have a Tech to come back out to change wiring. You may be charged by the hour for the rewire.





Community Power User
Community Power User

You could use a longer wire between the wall plug and the modem so yu can move it further from the bed if you wish. It is just a simple telephone cable with connectors on each end, available from any electronics or super store.


You could also turn the modem off when you are not using it.



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