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T3200M router capable enough for PureFibre 1GB

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We are a Telus PureFibre 1GB subscriber and we are having significant throughput issues. Telus installed a T3200M router when we were using Internet 15 as our secondary WAN (failover) circuit. We have since switched to PureFibre 1GB and made that circuit our primary Internet connection. The potential problem is Telus left the T3200M router in place.


We have our own high speed router so we have the T3200M Port 1 bridged to that router. We have disabled the wireless features on the T3200M. About once a week, our speeds tank to about 100Mbps and speed only recovers once the T3200M router is restarted. At best, our speed tops out at around 600Mbps up & down using a very close Ookla server (5 hops). We have about 60 ethernet devices using this circuit, and 15 VoIP handsets


Is the T3200M too weak to support that amount of load?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, the T3200M is capable of handling gigabit internet. The problem you are seeing may require the replacement of your device, or other interventions. I suggest calling your business contact to escalate.


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If you are using your own router you should be able to connect it directly to the ONT and bypass the T3200M.