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Sony Xperia Z1 Repeated Failures

Just Moved In

Is anyone else having problems with their Sony Xperia?


I ordered mine direct from Telus and paid to upgrade early because I had a Galaxy Nexus that also kept failing. That phone was replaced once under warranty mid contract. Also, the Galaxy Nexus was a goodwill replacement for two failed Galaxy S2X's.


Now the Sony is not charging, shutting itself down at random and not alerting me to emails and messages. Not to mention the waterproof doors fall off at random.


/I've been through the Sony support route. Their solution is to soft reset the phone.This works... if you're really patient, since you have to do it 30 time until it finally is willing to work again. For a while...


Anyone have any advice? I'm about ready to throw it in a box and mail it back to Telus. I would drop it off at the Telus store, but they won't help me because I'm a business customer, that's another issue. Why do Telus stores refuse us, their business account holders  service at the storefronts?


When I buy a new Telus phone, are these new? Is it normal to get 5 faulty phones that won't last the contract term? Or is Telus supplying factory seconds?


Its so bad, I have bought a cheap Nokia as a spare, on the advice of a Future Shop salesman.


Any advice or suggestions? The other phones on our business account are Apple, and they work fine.I have no problem maintaining our IT network at work and Telus landlines are excellent. 


If only I could get a working mobile...





Helpful Neighbour

Hello!  If you purchased it from a dealer they would be the ones to take care of the issue.  We would be more than happy to help.