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Poor Internet Speeds

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I've been working for my company as it's sole IT admin for a little over 2 years now (Small business). They have been a client of Telus for a very long time.


Ever since anyone there can remember they have had insanely poor internet ADSL speeds. A speedtest shows a 5mb d/l and 1.5mb u/l for a physically connected computer, and worse for any devices connected with wireless. We only have 3 computers connected at any given time.


I've been on the phone with Telus support sporadically over the 30 months I've worked there always being told that unfortunately that is the highest speed available in my area, at the same time as telling me that we have to continue paying for a plan that promises 25 mb speeds (Yeah, yeah I know UP TO, way to catch us there).


With newer devices coming out, and the need for more advanced systems in our store (Cloud connected security cameras anyone?) this speed is just not cutting it.


So after all that here are my questions:


1. Why are speeds so unbelievably poor in such a urban area.


2. What are my options without paying outrageous prices for LTE or satellite?


Helpful Neighbour

Hello, we are more than happy to help.  Depends on the area, there could be several options.


A 25Mbps would be Vdsl. 6Mbps will be Adsl. 15Mbps can be both.



If all that your area can do is 6Mbps, on Adsl, you could request using line bonding(V2000H/T2200H, if Telus can custom line profile that). 


A load balancing router with multiple lines, would be needing bridged Telus gateways or a multi-line modem to avoid double NAT problems that Telus has become famous for with their restrictive Gateways.




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Hi - Which are you are in - I might have a solution for you and  can get you the speed you want in few days



That sounds suspicious.  Like you're a spam-bot or something.

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What is suspicious in this post ? No I am not a bot or spam.



If you have a solution for the OP, why don't you offer it here?