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Global Survey Indicated That Employees Worried That Employers Obtained Their Personal Data

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Aruba has released global research report indicating that staffs that used their own mobile devices to work still worried that employers would get their personal information. This report entitled “Employees the Truth About Your Company's Data” surveyed more than 3,000 employees worldwide, the results showed that 45% of European respondents, 40% of respondents in the Middle East area and 66% of U.S. respondents were worried about personal data loss.


This silence was from staffs’ negative perceptions to enterprise IT department, they especially worried that IT department might do adverse things to their devices and data. 25% of European employees, 31% of Middle East employees and 45% of American employees worried that IT department would obtain their personal data; 18% of European employees and 26% of Middle East staffs worried that if they handed over personal devices IT department would be likely mess up their personal data.


For employees who worried that IT department would obtain or mess up private data in personal devices, they can password protect files containing private information or data.


How do you think about it? Will you password protect your files?Smiley Happy



Hand over my devices?  Not likely.


Just like a robber who can physically take a safe home to crack at his leisure, handing over your data, encrypted or not, is not a smart thing to do.

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Community Power User

While I BYOD to work, I do not use it for my employers' business, nor do I connect to to their network. What's mine is mine, what's theirs is theirs.


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Ditto @NFtoBC 


There are a few posts in the telus talks business blog about BYOD and the different apps/services that enterprises use.


Thankfully, my work offers activesync exchange for email, so they don't have access to on-device files. Other businesses utilize MDM systems like Good for Enterprise or MaaS 360 that gives your IT department access to all personal/professional any time.

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