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Fact Check: Does Telus partner with Ultrack Systems?

Just Moved In
I'm trying to do some due diligence on a company that announced that Telus is partnered with them. Can Telus confirm if this document is genuine?:
There is an announcement from Ultrack Systems a couple of months ago that says Telus is partnered. It shows up in Yahoo News (but it is basically a press release).
A couple of key excerpts:
Ultrack Systems Inc. (OTC PINK: MJLB), a total fleet-management GPS tracking and monitoring solution provider, is pleased to announce that TELUS recently highlighted the newly consummated business partnership between TELUS and Ultrack Systems in online publications and other print media.
Ultrack CEO Michael Marsbergen stated: "$MJLB's relationship with TELUS has benefited The Company on multiple levels. Firstly, TELUS' technology was the right fit for Ultrack's suite of products and services. Ultrack's partnership with TELUS has made everything we offer better, faster, and more affordable to our subscriber base. Secondly, TELUS has also worked hand-in-hand with our design team to understand the nature of our business and develop scalable, custom solutions that benefit both us and them and that will carry us into the future. Finally, I trust that it is obvious to our shareholder base that this kind of professional exposure and validation from a major $25 billion dollar company like TELUS lets the investing public know in no uncertain terms that $MJLB is a very real and established company that is moving forward in the most cutting-edge ways possible."
I searched Telus' web site and could not find anything for "Ultrack". The PDF brochure seems to only exist on the website, which is apparently provided by Ultrack. I tried reaching out to Telus' Investor Relations by email last week, and this morning left a voicemail for the IOT phone number (listed on the document and also Telus' website). So far I haven't heard back.
I would appreciate an answer of whether or not this case study brochure is genuine. If it is, Ultrack seems like an attractive investment opportunity. If it's fake, Telus' name is being used to deceive investors. A public, authoritative answer on this forum could be helpful to share with others. Thanks!