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EEP first time customer

Just Moved In

I recently signed up for a company EEP plan through my work. I selected the offer, and phone as well as plan.

I received an email stating they are processing my order it could take 3-5 business days. I got another email 4 days later stating that i would have to call telus' epp support line to take a credit quiz. I spent ages on hold and finally someone answered. Asked me a bunch of questions. I passed.

Although, stating to me on the phone the next step is that they have approved the credit quiz and the phone would be shipped out in the next few days, and following that would be an email with tracking info.

I just want to make sure this is a normal process for anyone who registers for a new company phone plan. It just seems strange to me that is all.

Please let me know if this is accurate or not? Im still waiting on an email for shipping conformation... i really want to make sure the phone will in fact be shipped to me. It just seems a little off to me.