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Did you go with "The future is friendly" because the present is not? bad service!

Just Moved In

terrible business hours.  terrible support options. terrible/no access to business accounts online.  it is only 2016 so maybe in the future. luck u r a monopoly.

no site for business on-line? really.  for a communications company.  embarrassing.

business anywhere but certainly not business any time.  most bankers would want your hours... 8 to 5.. in the digital era and global support environment that is the best u can do.

even your paper bills give wrong numbers for support..

wow!  what a team mr. entwistle...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, I've sent you a private message to obtain some more information about your issue! Please check your unread messages and reply back when you can; I'll help you get your issue resolved!