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Business Services + Residential Services at the same address??

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I have been dealing with quite a few telus representatives and I cannot seem to get the same answer from anyone.


I run a business from my basement. I have everything set up under Shaw this way : Residential Internet and TV for my household and my Commercial phone lines/fax (VOIP) using the residential internet through a third party.


Now I want to transfer everything from Shaw to Telus to use the Fiber optic technology.


I want to have the 150/150 Internet for my household and business. I want to have the Optik TV with my selected channel for my household as well. On top of that, I want to have 2 phone lines for my business and my home, using business connect.


I have been approached by a representative at my domicile to install the RESIDENTIAL Optik TV for the house. She told me I could have the internet/phones installed separately from the BUSINESS side of Telus. I have been told that it is not possible by another representative and that everything has to go through Business OR Residential. Not a mix of both.


Now my question is, what is true and what can I do? I want all the services, but who should I go through? They have already scheduled to install the TV services for next week after assuring me it wouldn't be a problem, but now if it is I will have to cancel all that.


Can I have Optik TV with the channels I want for my household through business? Can I install all services from both Business and Residential? Or should I go through Business for every single service and skip on the bundles/deals available through Residential? Will Business Optik TV offer me the same channels? 


Thank you.



I would ask for it to be escalated to retention and loyalty department if you are getting bad answers - they will find an expert for you.  


I have had business and res at same address.   But not with Fibre plans.


At my old address, I hade Alcatel-Lucent ONT box with the possibility to connect 2 fibre optic cables. not sure if they were dedicated to upload/download or representing the ability to connect 3 connections at once 


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Community Power User

I’m guessing the issue is either trying to share services across residential and business, or trying to get bundles of both on one service. It strikes me you could:

  • have rwo services run, as though your business and home were two separate occupancies
  • run residential services to the home, and operate as a home-based business, claiming a portion of expenses as business costs. Leave business phone on VoIP, as you did with Shaw.
  • leave your business lines on the copper currently in your home, and install residential services to your home, sharing the internet.
  • Generally, Telus does not run residential services to business locations nor vice versa. Wanting a residential phone under Business Connect is a likely stumbling block.


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 Generally if its home-based business you write off Residential Internet use. He could write a rent agreement for his business for the basement. If its walk-out he can ask the city for suite permit and here you go,  separate services. I have seen people run Web Hosting operation out of basments on solar power. 

Like say the wife is landlord  🙂 Technically they are because they clean the house  🙂