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"I am a proud parent of a 6 and 8 year old. As a parent, nothing brings me more joy than seeing their smiling faces, and watching them grow. On Pink Shirt Day, it reminds me that not all kids are as lucky. There are some, similar age as mine, that are victims of bullying. And would be afraid of going to school because of how they are treated by other kids.


This is why year-around I serve as a volunteer in my daughters’ school parents committee, working together with principal and teachers to foster a safe learning environment. And take action, such as getting commitments from parents and students to sign a code of conduct every year, to ensure alignment from the school, parents, and students. On February 27, my daughters and I will unite with the rest of the nation and proudly wear a pink shirt to support the victims of bullying. I welcome you all to take a picture wearing your pink shirt and share them with us.  Don’t forget to also take the pledge against bullying."


Would you like to learn more about our commitment to #EndBullying? Visit to learn about our partnership with Carol Todd, parent, educator and mental health and online safety advocate and pledge against bullying. 

Story posted on behalf of Fabiola Belotte