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We’re always listening to our customers and the great ideas they bring to us here in the Neighbourhood. It’s truly inspiring to see your feedback because your suggestions help us improve our products and services so we can meet the changing needs of our customers. 


That’s why we’re so excited about our recently launched US roaming offering, US Easy Roam. It was an Idea shared right here on this forum by @jingles, @userforum, @Daryl44, and @Kcirtap. The concept of a US roaming product generated a ton of buzz in the Neighbourhood and the level of interest surrounding the idea was definitely a key driver in bringing our new roaming package to life.


With this new product, you can now use your rate plan when traveling in the US for $9/day.

This new TELUS US roaming service is brought to Canadians, courtesy of all of those who shared their ideas on the Neighbourhood. Have a great idea? Don’t forget to share it here and we’ll see what we can do to make it a reality!