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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

As a mom, my phone is loaded with pictures of my children being cute or funny, or when we’re out doing something fun. The problem is, I’m usually behind the camera and there isn’t always someone there to take my picture. So, I resort to selfies, which sound easy but it takes some work to master.


You don’t need a fancy camera or lighting crew to take a great selfie. All you need is a smartphone and the tips I’ve listed below.


Use the side buttons for the shutter rather than the on-screen button. If this option is available on your device, it helps keep the phone stable and reduces blur from slight movement.


Find an interesting background such as a crowd at an event, a tourist attraction, or some amazing scenery. This will add depth to your selfies and also provide you with a memory of what you were doing in that moment. This is especially important when travelling.


Distance yourself from your background by stepping forward a bit. You’ll not only be able to fit more of your surroundings into your picture, but you’ll also create layered depth with some objects naturally blurring.


Find your best light by checking around and assessing positioning and direction.

If you’re indoors, place yourself close to a window with natural light streaming in. If there’s no natural light, find a light source that’s not directly above you as this will cause shadowing on your face.


If you’re outside, look for a shaded spot on sunny days. Always try to avoid the sun being directly in front of you as this will cause squinting and wash you out, or directly behind you as this will cause backlighting and you will look like a shadow in comparison.

Have fun and don't worry if anyone is looking. Stand on a chair for a better angle, use props, or make a silly face if you feel like it. You're creating memories and they should be fun and full of your personality. 


I hope you enjoyed these tips. If there’s any additional selfie tips you use, I’d love to hear them in the comments below.