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New 4K PVR - HDCP Error Through Denon Amp


Hi all,

Hoping to get some guidance about a recent issue I have been experiencing with my Denon AVR-X4200W. I was recently provided with a 4K Arris PVR from Telus.  My TV itself is not 4K, it only supports 1080p which is fine for my needs right now.

When I connect the PVR directly to the TV, everything works fine. I'm able to get the picture and the sound from the TV.

The problem is that I get the following error when I connect the PVR to the Denon receiver inputs "This content can not be displayed because your TV does not support HDCP 2.2". I can hear the sound coming from the speakers but no picture at all.

On the PVR, the video output is set to 1080p not 4K resolution. I reached out to Denon's support and they believe the problem is the PVR. They think that there is a "handshake" issue between the PVR and the receiver, i.e. the receiver thinks it's getting a 4K instead of the 1080p signal through HDMI and the receiver is trying to pass through the 4K to a TV that is not able to process the signal.


Denon thinks the only way to resolve this is for Telus / Arris to do a firmware update on the PVR.


I'm now stuck since the PVR 



I have installed that HDMI splitter with output of hdcp 1.4a maximum and VIP5662W work perfect !!! 1080p displayed on my screen and it is capable of 4K for those who have 4K tv. here is the link of that splitter for 24$ CAD delivery included:


The name of it is :

Eluteng répartiteur HDMI 1 x 4 HDMI amplificateur Switcher 4 K 1080p 1 dans 4 Out HDMI Splitter 1 en 2 Out Ultra HD HDCP HDMI Switch, 1X2 HDMI Splitter

Enjoy !!!

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The HDMI pass-through on the Denon receiver is 4K compatible according to their website. The error your seeing would typically indicate that either the receiver is not compatible or you may still have some older HDMI 1.4 cables in use. Double check your cables. If they say "High Speed HDMI" or "HDMI 1.4" or less, you'll need to get a 2.0+ cable.

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Hi Nighthawk,

Thanks for the replay. Alas, it's not a cable problem. All my cables are HDMI 2.0+ compatible. Futhermore, I setup the PVR video output to 1080p not 4K so the receiver shouldn't be getting a 4K signal to try and route to the TV.


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Is the PVR connected to the receiver or the tv first? Tried any other HDMI ports on TV?

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If I connect the PVR to the TV directly, everything works fine (I can hear the sound from the TV speakers and see the video on the TV).


However, when I connect the PVR to the receiver (the same way I used to with the older Telus PVR), I can't see the video but can hear the sound coming from my home theatre speakers.


Yes, I tried different  ports on the TV and on the receiver but no luck. The Denon support guy was just flabbergasted because connecting the PVR to the TV works which means that the signal coming out of the PVR is not 4K (my TV can't process 4K).



This problem started with two firmwares ago.  It was working fine and the second last firmware broke it.  There isn't much you can do about it.  I have the same setup and I tried everything and finally gave up.  Now(until I buy a 4K tv) I have it connected using the component breakout cable from the PVR. Ideally, the PVR should sense the whole HDMI chain, see that the TV is only 1080p and also not HDCP 2.2 and adjust itself.  It did that from July to October or November.  When the firmware got updated, it broke it and would only work if you connected it to the TV directly.  As soon as you connect it to Denon(which is HDCP 2.2) it sets itself for the Denon and when the TV is not 2.2, gives the error.  I was hoping the next firmware would fix it but it didn't.

If you come up with a solution, please come back and share it here.

This is pretty much aligned with what the Denon tech support said, i.e. the problem os from the PVR.

I've been pretty annoyed with Telus because or this issue as well as others that came with this upgrade (2nd PVR freezing, internet has become slow, etc.). Therefore I called them and they said I shouldn't have received a
4K PVR in the first place since the network in my neighbourhood is slow and very old. They're sending a tech to replace these 4K PVR's with something different. Hopefully, it's something that works...

I'm gona check out what Shaw has to offer because I've spent the weekend trying to resolve the problem and with Denon and Telus's tech support for a problem from an untested PVR.

I hope you get an IPV 6015.  I know that it works(it did a while ago, haven't checked it recently).  It has HDCP but a lower level one so should be good.  

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Glad to see this message.


I jut got the 4K PVR box.  It was originally plugged into a non-4K Denon receiver which then fed to a non-4K TV.  All worked fine until... I upgraded the receiver to a 4k receiver.. .The tv remains non-4k (had to upgrade the receiver because an animal chewed through cables causing short in our kids' play room receiver, prompting a shifting of receivers and purchase of new, 4K of course, receiver; 4K TV to come sometime later this year).  New 4K receiver is a Denon.  Suddenly the new 4K PVR doesn't communicate with existing non-4K TV like it used to, though sound works.  Bizarre, but glad to see it is the PVR problem and not a Denon problem.  I really hope this gets fixed.  its annoying to run the PVR direct to the TV and then get sound to the Denon through the ARC connection (fortunately the TV sends the DD+ audio to the receiver).


Telus, please fix.

It would be nice if Telus fixed it but I think it is unlikely.  I don't think Telus thinks it is broken as the 4K PVR works fine with older TVs, when connected directly.  What would be nice to see is for someone with recent HDCP 2.2 compatible non-Denon receivers to chime in here who have the Arris VIP5662 4K PVR.  That will ascertain whether Denon has partial blame or it is purely Telus firmware.  I do have an Onkyo but it is older.  Someone with Onkyo or Yamaha or Pioneer 2016 models--if you are using the Telus PVR and a 1080p TV, please report here your observations.

I've recently "upgraded" to the new 4k Telus box and my Denon x4000 is not liking it either. I get the same message on my TV which is  4k .

If I connect the Telus box direct to the tv it works fine. Supposedly my receiver is suppose to be able to pass thru 4K but I guess not. 

.........And they said technology will make things easier.


The truth is that one firmware version before the latest broke something.  I have had the Denon AVRx3200w and the 4K PVR worked fine until the next update(November 2016?).After that it never worked.  I am using the component now.  If it never worked with Denon there was a reason to suspect Denon.  But, I am convinced it is from the PVR side.  I tried everything including the recommended fix of taking the TV off power etc.  Nothing seems to work.

It is also possible that it is a particular combination of Denon and new 4K firmware.  I don't have any current generation avrs other than the Denon to test. 

I just got the new 4K pvr from Telus and I get the same problem when connected to my Denon 3300W AVR. I don't have any problem with the older box that was just replaced. As I have 2 boxes, the technician used the non-pvr non-4k box to connect to my Denon AVR and used the new 4K pvr to connect directly connected to my non-4k tv. The technician said that this is the first time he encountered this issue.


Anybody found a solution to this Denon issue yet?

I have the same frustrating problem and tried different things with no help. I have a Yamaha RX-A3050 receiver. When the 4K PVR is connected directly to my JVC 1080P projector with my new HDMI 2.0b cables the video works great. But when I pass it through the receiver, which has the latest firmware update, no video! What I don't understand is that both the receiver and the projector are HDCP compliant. I have both the Arris VIP5662 4K and the 1080P unit. I have one in my theater room and the other in my gym room. The 1080P unit works well through the receiver but not the 4K unit. I read on other forums "why are we using 4K PVR's with 1080P TV's". The answer is simple, I will be upgrading to a 4K HDR projector in an year or two, when the prices have dropped and HDR better implicated. For now the real reason is that the menu system and everything else in general is sluggish in the 1080P unit, where as the 4K unit everything is much more speedier. I know because I have both, and since 90 per cent of the time I'm in the theater room compared to the gym, it's obvious why I want the speedier unit in my home theater. I also think the cause of the problem is the 4K PVR, because I've read on different forums that people with different brands of receivers are having the same problem. Very frustrating, modern technology bull**bleep**......Frank

Same problem here, updated to fiber and the new modem, Have a brand new Yamaha receiver, 10 year old Sharp HDMI TV in my exersize room.

Everything works direct from TV to Telus box but thru Yamaha only sound. I believe it is not the telus box but my TV which is not HDCP 2.2 compatible.

The TV is probably HDCP 1.4 which is not backwards compatible with 2.2

Cables are new Telus HDMI cables.

Option is to buy a new TV (NOT). I am ordering a 2.2 to 1.4 converter box for $18 and the problem should be solved. Just have to find out if my 10 year old TV is HDCP 1.4 compatible.

Does anybody have this problem with a HDCP 2.2 compatible TV?


Link is here:


I purchased the Monoprice HDMI converter and it worked.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I wish TELUS technical support could be trained better to understand how their  new Optik 4K PVR's work with various electronic devices. Thankfully these forums are helpful.

I'm guessing the Telus 4k box auto senses the input, which the receiver is triggering it to be better than the TV?  Some receivers do allow you to set the input compatibility of specific HDMI ports.  Both  of my Onkyo receivers allow me to set the capability or limit specific ports to 1.4, 2.0, and 2.2.  If your receivers lack this function, I would say the best solution for those willing to spend a little money to get the best picture quality, would be to look at HD Fury pridocts and go for something like the Linker.  If put between your AVR and your TV, it will take that ridiculously compressed 4k signal that is nothing close to true 4k and downscale it to 1080P, giving you better picture quality on a 1080p TV over all.  

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It is absolutely a  Telus PVR issue and NOT an issue with the Denon REceiver/Firmware.. I am a Pro A/V Contractor and I have experienced this issue (only with the 4K Box) on Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer, and other receivers. In all cases the receivers were new and all but 1 TV were new 4K UHD units. I have wasted so much time on this.


I am stuck in a loop. Telus will not admit there is any issue as their box works fine plugged directly into the TV, and they "don't support systems".. and the receiver manufacturer's have shown that it is not their issue as every other input device works flawlessly with the same HDMI cable and input. I have spoken to a couple of installers locally and they both admit privately that they have seen this as well. 


I am stuck in a loop. This only occurs with the Arris VIP5662. The older boxes work fine but Telus removes them and likely recycles them when they drop off the new 4K boxes. I have had a few clients question my knowledge and professionalism over this a they are not technical and it makes me look like I'm just making excuses. The only workaround I have found is running a second HDMI to the TV monitor for the PVR alone (which requires a separate audio feed to the receiver) , and keeping the original HDMI from the receiver to the TV for all other connected devices. Not ideal in any respect. With wall mounts that have a single HDMI cable buried in the wall, it's not even possible. (On one install I had to resort to an HDMI balun through and existing Cat5 wire to get the PVR signal to the TV.. An expensive and unnecessary solution if the PVR didn't have this issue.)


If ANYONE has found the solution to this, PLEASE post it here. 






The ideal solution if for Telus to fix the firmware, which is unlikely given how long it has been going on and that they are aware of it and their solution is to recommend people to connect it directly to TV.  This did work before and one of the firmware updates about 18 months ago broke it.  

There have been some non-elegant solutions such as buying an HDMI splitter etc.  I doubt that it will ever be resolved, as longer you go fewer are the 1080p sets. 

The first sentence should read "The ideal solution is for Telus to fix the firmware...". For some reason I can't edit the post.

I had success recently getting my new Telus 4k PVR to work with my 2007 Panasonic plasma 720p TV with my Pioneer VSX-LX301. So when the installer came over I completed the HDMI connection from port 1 of my Pioneer receiver to the TV and immediately got the error your tv isn't HDR 2.2 compliant even though ports 1 to 3 on my receiver say on them HDR 2.2. So to get it working I moved it to HDMI 5 and on my receiver HDMI ports 4-6 are non HDR 2.2 compliant. But I believe the newer version of my receiver the VSX-LX302 has all HDMI ports that are HDR 2.2 compliant which would seem in my case would not work then.


The other option is people are spending about $50 on HDMI HDR adapter, basically the HDMI in and HDMI out but that is less than ideal too.