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Keeping Telus Email Address

Just Moved In
Where my elderly Mom lives, the Telus infrastructure is very old, and the best internet service she can get is Telus Internet 15. She would like to switch to cable internet, but is worried about losing her Telus email address. Is there a way to keep the address, but not have Telus internet? Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

You can retain just the email address as an email-only service but there is a $7/month (as of 20/09/2023) charge associated with it. Be sure to make a specific request to retain email-only service. It's a bummer we don't have anything faster to offer her at this time, though. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

There is some information here that implies it's an option:


Solved: Re: Wanting to keep Telus email address after canc... - TELUS Neighbourhood


You will likely need to talk to Telus to confirm and make the arrangements.

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