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I would like to see HDMI-CEC enabled in the Optik boxes. This would automatically switch inputs, turn on and off devices, volume, etc. all using a single remote. The Optik box is the only device in my home theater system which does not have CEC throwing everything out of wack. (I have a Harmony remote, but it doesn't work with my new t.v.)
Just Moved In

I would also like to see CEC control for Optik boxes. I have a bedroom installation and I want to move my digital box out of sight. I'm currently using an IR repeater but CEC control would be better.


Just adding my support for this. Every other device connected to my TV manages to play nicely with this behind the scenes input switching mechanism... I don’t understand why this isn’t an option available to the end user.
Further compounding this problem is that there is no longer a TV input switch button on the Optik Slimline remote. My wife would be much happier if there was one less remote cluttering up the living room (and if that seems like a non-sequitur: we have one remote sitting around that does nothing but provide the means to switch back to Optik TV from the Nintendo etc).

While this lack of functionality may be hardware related (though unlikely), I venture to guess this decision has been driven by some calculation of what the potential uptick in support calls might be.

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