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I think telus should include international text messges in with the domastic messages. So my plan I get Unlimted texting in Canada. I think all text messages reguardless where they are sent should be included in your plan like the domestic ones are.


Texts are almost free for a network. Canada has a diverse population. It would be great if I could text my faily at home without apps like BBM...


My two cents.




Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed in the distant past. A great idea!


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Mixed feelings about this idea.  Thoughts....

  • how much extra does it cost for an international texting package?
  • why should I pay extra for something I don't use.  How much would it increase my monthly plan for something I don't use often or at all?
  • when I have international visitors.... we use BBM and email.  No extra charge for that.  BBM also provides automatic acknowledgement when someone reads your message.
Community Power User
Community Power User


  It's $5 for 100 international SMS, $10 for unlimited. Of course free to email. 

By way of comparison, Telus' subsidiary, Koodo offers unlimited international SMS while in Canada on all their plans, as does Public Mobile, who, as of this past week dropped all categories of text options except 'Global'.


Status changed to: Under Review
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Community Manager