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Put an end to Robo Calls. For several months now I have been receiving daily Robo Calls on my home phone. The calls show up as a local number but are calls supposedly for companies such as Air Canada, WestJet, Hilton Hotels, etc. When you call the number back it belongs to a local person and they did not call your number nor do they know anything about the supposed ad that was sent from their number. These calls are a nuisance and need to be stopped!


I am not too sure if these are coming from Telus or not but I did complain about these as well.  If I am not mistaken, spoofing your number is illegal in Canada.  I am also on the Do Not Call list and have been since it was started.  I do hope Telus puts a stop to these regardless of who is responsible before the CRTC gets involved.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@wingrider You're absolutely right - they're a complete nuisance. What you're describing is referred to as "number spoofing" and is an issue that spans multiple countries. 

The CRTC is well aware of this issue; as are oversight agencies in various countries. Have a look through this article by the CRTC describing the phenomenon and the challenges tackling the problem.

Especially poignant is this statement: "If a solution is within our authority, we will act swiftly to put it in place." Given the article cited Canada, the UK and U.S.A as the only participants in this "Taskforce", I presume there will be challenges in asserting any punitive measures if the perpetrators establish homebase in a country outside of their respective jurisdictions. I'd love to believe that oversight agencies in other countries will play ball but only time will tell.

For what it's worth, I've personally had a spoofed calls on both my phones and they appear to eventually stop altogether.


RoboKiller is a great option. They're still in beta and they have been discussed on multiple websites. You can check their website out to get in the beta.

Friendly Neighbour

I wonder if the same people that make Robokiller make Spoofcard?   The websites are very similar in style and they would know how to do it.  

Community Power User
Community Power User

The better option I found was Call Control from Telus. It's been extremely effective for me in removing robo calls from my landline and its free.

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Community Manager