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Status: New Idea

When you watch a series from Demand, and are currently watching an episode from that series - if you need to pause the PVR - after a few minutes when it times out, it then goes to a screen that shows the name of the series with the option “resume” and then it quickly changes to “watch”. However, if you hit the watch button, you quickly realize it has defaulted to a different episode. So now, you have to stop the episode, go into your perviously watched list, figure out what correct episode you were watching (the one that the PVR just defaulted to and you started to watch in error will also be there) - so it takes a minute to figure it out, then start the correct episode. The PVR does this EVERY TIME you pause the episode for a certain amount of time, so it is an absolute pain; very onerous.  

The PVR software needs to be reset or repaired, so that the when you pause an episode of a show, it stays on that episode - or if not possible - then have it default to no episode at all (because if you start up the defaulted episode without thinking, you get caught up in the tedious, time-consuming situation of trying to get back in to your show).