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Status: New Idea

Currently, HD Voice for cellular networks is separated by some silos. This is an easy fix and could help Canadians communicate better.


Here's what works:

- Local and LD Between Bell and Telus Customers, all their sub-brands (e.g. Koodo)


Here's what doesn't work: (Calls go through in Standard Definition Codecs)

- Calls to or from Rogers/Fido and sub-brands

- Calls to or From Vidéotron

- Calls to or From Freedom Mobile (etc.)


Bonus and Opportunity 

None of the providers currently offer HD Customer service. This is because there is the need for Codec Transcoding between VoIP used in a TELUS/Rogers/Bell Call center, which uses a different version of G.722.


However, this is a HUGE cost savings opportunity that no one has looked into. For a small investment, TELUS could be offering customer service in HD to their customers when they call 611 etc. over their mobile phone. This would cut down on call times and misunderstandings, as well as lower cognitive fatigue to understand or repeat words. It's literally a switch  you can flip right under your nose.


If if it's too hard to impliment all in one go (Codec errors can cause dropped calls), this should be implemented as beta right away. (Maybe people can dial 612 instead of 611 for "HD" Customer Service).


Finally, some thought should be put together to trans code HD between Mobility Customers and Business VoIP customers in general. Let's make it happen in 2020!