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The 2017 baseball season is about to start, is MLB Network going to be available?

It's nice that you added Extra Innings but the 24hr professional commentary, similar to the NFL Network, is absent. Canada loves baseball and its about time Telus provides Canadians here a better medium to stay informed. 

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@RNH It's a good suggestion and is popular in the Neighbourhood. It's something that has been passed on and we continue to look at it. Appreciate the feedback and it has been added to the other suggestions to add the MLB Network.


I'm hoping we can see some action on this sooner than later.   Adding this channel is a real no brainer, especially considering we have sport-specific channels for sports that are much less popular.


I mean Telus has recently added the IPL Cricket, and we STILL can't get MLB Network Canada??!  C'mon!