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Status: Under Review

Since the NFL has sold exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket in Canada to Perform Group (UK) and Perform Group will offer NFL Sunday Ticket via its DAZN app for the 2017 season, when will Telus be offering the DAZN app on Optik and/or Pik TV?




Status changed to: Under Review
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Adding DAZN as an Optik app or on Pik is an interesting idea, @gwotz. I'm sending it forward for our content team to consider.


Thanks for the idea.

Just Moved In

any update? NFL season is soon.

Community Power User
Community Power User

No TV service provider has DAZN yet. That was by choice of DAZN themselves. The only exception currently is Pik TV as DAZN does have an Android TV platform app.


See article from The Star:

In the past, NFL Sunday Ticket has been available via Canadian cable companies. Rogers, for example, was still advertising it on its website Thursday as part of its $39.95 monthly Super Sports Pak.


Rice called it an administrative error, saying DAZN had acquired the Sunday Ticket package.


And we’ve chosen not to distribute that on the linear pay-TV platforms in Canada, it will just be available through via the DAZN service,” he said. 


Some of the early reviews of DAZN so far don't seem promising. Some people that signed up with them directly are reporting really low quality video, below HD quality.