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Community Power User
Community Power User
Status: New Idea

When browsing on demand on a PikTV box, as well as when viewing on demand for Pik and Optik on the website as well as the mobile apps, there is a section on each under on demand where it has a list of the channels with on demand content and sorts all of the available shows under each channel. For some reason that option does not seem to exist when I view on demand content on my Optik box itself. Is there a way to add that section to the set top box on demand? On the Optik box (Cisco), if I go to the TV On Demand section, there isn't a list of channels there. There is a Major Networks section with 5 major channels to choose from but it's not even remotely close to the experience in the app, online or on Pik. I've never used one of the newer set top boxes so I have no idea if they have it or not.