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Status: New Idea

Hi. Long-time customer, first time poster. I have an idea that seems worth sharing.


As everyone is no doubt aware, climate change is in the news, every day. Like many people, I am concerned about the state of our planet and the future.


The idea I have came to me in several ways - first, I noticed when shopping at Safeway that I had the option of donating 2 dollars to a charity when I checked out. 1000 people donating 2 dollars each is 2000$


The other insight was with Epcor - they have the option of supporting green energy at 50% or 100% by paying your bill. It costs a buck or two more per month I noticed, but is essentially the same cost.


So here's the idea:


An opt-in option for customers, to donate 1-2$ every pay term, to help Telus implement their transition to green infrastructure.


Electric and hybrid vehicles aren't cheap, nor are charging stations, for example.


But with customer support Telus could offset the cost of that transition and do it faster, and maybe offer a free movie to help customers become invested.


In addition to this, operating costs should be reduced, there's brand appreciation, and customers may find they enjoy watching pay-per-view movies when they had avoided them previously.


I know I would gladly opt-in.


Anyway, that's the idea. It's not fleshed out, but I think the overall structure of it has serious potential to make the future friendly for all of us.


Thanks for reading.