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Optik on the Go – Remote Record


How many times has this happened to you: you’re out and about and it suddenly occurs to you the game is on or it's the season finale of your favourite show. We’ve got your back.


If you have access to a computer or mobile device with the Optik on the Go app installed, you can record your show from wherever you have access to the internet.


Web Browser


1)      Log into Optik online here.

2)      Navigate to the Live TV tab

3)      Scroll to your show and select it

4)      Click on Record show

5)      Done


Optik on the Go app


1)      Launch the app and log in with either your My Account app credentials

         or Optik TV account credentials

2)      Tap on the Live TV tab

3)      Tap on View Guide (along the bottom)

4)      Select the start time by swiping the timline left or right

5)      Select your show

6)      Tap on Record show


More questions about Optik TV? Ask the community here

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