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Telus Kiosk Wrapping in the Tilbury Park Area (Delta, BC)

Hello, I am a business owner in the Tilbury Park area, and we are wondering about having the the kiosks around our facility professionally wrapped with approved images / designs that suit the area? Both pieces of equipment are located on 72nd avenue ...

Brit by Just Moved In
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Resolved! 2nd IP on business fibre ONT

I have a business fibre connection using a G-240G-A ONT. As I understand we have 5 static IPs available with our package, and we are using one at the moment. I want to put a file server on another IP behind a pfsense router. I'm not sure how to acces...

simmons by Just Moved In
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Telus order not found

About 12 days ago I purchased a device from Telus, and when I try to check the order status, it says, 'Order not found. Please try again.' What does this mean?

Dapling by Just Moved In
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Gift payment from Telus for Old Stocks

Hi,I had some old stocks from 1997 with Telus that I recently discovered. I contacted computer share and went through a whole process of getting replacement certificates bonded. It was a very long and drawn out process, including The time sensitive m...

CWatson by Just Moved In
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How do I know if someone works for Telus?

We've had someone contact our business with an offer from Telus to switch our cell plans. How can I verify that they work for Telus? It looks legit. This is the person that contacted us. Thanks Asim Khan Business Sales Specialist | Small Business Sol...

vsparks by Just Moved In
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ipv6 for fiber business line

Hello Everyone, Did anyone have a luck provisioning ipv6 for Vancouver area fiber internet? I can see traces of people successfully getting ipv6, but my calls to help desk were returned with "Telus doesn't support ipv6 for fiber internet", which I ha...

Fibre Optik Failure??

It's been two days and tech support can't do anything. Apparently it won't be fixed for at least a week. The only tech in the area is on vacation and in the meantime, we can't take credit cards or debit cards during a pandemic. Ummm ... WHAT the heck...

badkaren by Neighbour
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Telus Fiber

Hi! Is it really hard to get fiber internet ready for my office? I have been offered a deal fiber internet on Aug 28th. Technician came for the wiring Sep 9th. Now no one has contacted me for the next step and the same sales person from telus is now ...

Mike987 by Just Moved In
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