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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

We see a lot of questions on the Neighbourhood about software updates, so I wanted to spend some time explaining how the whole process works.


The truth is that TELUS does not have a lot of input into if a device will receive an update. When a device is selected to receive a software update, however, we try to ensure the best possible customer experience before the software update is released. To ensure a successful launch, the updates go through a multi-step, multi-party testing and certification process before being released. 


One important note about the infographic below: in nearly all cases, a second build of the software is created based on feedback from both TELUS and the device manufacturer. This subsequent software build is put through the same process, and any previously identified issues are re-tested.


For a look at some of the upcoming device software releases, please see the Software Update article.


Here’s a look at the life cycle of a software update: