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Oscars 2021 - Viewing Party




Lights! Camera! ACTION!


The 93rd Academy Awards are right around the corner, and this year’s event is shaping up to be the best in a few years. Sunday April 25th sees the world’s most popular movie stars assemble to honour the year’s best films, and it’ll all be live on Optik TV. With the inclusion of films that debuted on streaming services as well, the nominees are simply the best of the best. Seeing a safe, socially-distanced in-person celebration will certainly be a welcome change as well.


When the awards start at 5pm PT (or 2:30pm if you’re a red carpet aficionado), we want you and your household to have the best time possible. To that, end here are a few tips and tricks to help your at-home viewing party!



Bragging Rights

You know more about movies than everyone else in your home. We get it. No really, we do. How about proving it? Check out the Oscar nominees here and compete against everyone else to pick the winners. Best to keep it to the top four categories (Leading Actor, Leading Actress, Director, and Best Picture). See how you stack up!


Themed Snacks and Decorations

‘Red Velvet Rope’ Twizzlers? Champagne? Ice cream? Hey, it’s your party. Time to break out the best snacks and finger foods. The nearest dollar store will probably have some plastic trophies and streamers. Bonus points if the winner from our first tip above has to give a quick speech.


Dress to The Nines

Let’s be’s probably been a while since you busted out that suit. Or even wore pants at home. It’s been a tough time. We don’t judge. There’s no better occasion for finally tossing the pyjamas into the hamper and going to the hilt. Just be careful with that guacamole dip. Super hard to get those stains out.



The 93rd Academy Awards will take place Sunday, April 25th, and you can check your local listings to get prepared. You can also catch up on the nominees by checking out our very own Oscar hub on channel 112 where you can watch and rent the year’s big nominees via our Optik TV On Demand feature!




Let us know in the comments which movie you think will take home Best Picture and what else you’re looking forward to. Enjoy!


It will be interesting to see this event following the "covid19" year!

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We can't get cable where we are. Can we watch this on PiK TV?