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Does anyone know how to get rid of a former Boost device showing up in red on the Telus Connect app? It was removed quite come time ago. Furthermore the Boost 6E that is connected (green) is connected by ethernet cable. Why does it show a wifi icon? 
I have a Wifi 6 (Boost2) connected to my NAH. I also have two older Telus Wifi Boost devices (white squares on a stand). What I would like to do is use one of these Wifi Boosts as a wifi extender (without an ethernet connection) to extend the range o...
There have not been posts that I could find since 2020 on this issue. I just want to confirm before I buy a new router that it isn't possible to get the Telus Boost Wifi 6 (the cylindrical white thing) to use another device on the LAN as a DNS server...
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