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What's Your Gaming Setup?

Community Manager
Community Manager

In line with the 'what are you playing?' thread, I thought it'd be cool to see what everyone has rolling for their gaming rig. Are you just a couch and console kinda person, or do you go all out with the Secretlab chair, Turtle Beach headset, and top of the line optical gaming mouse?


Personally, I'm more of a console and couch player. Don't get me wrong, I've sunk far too many hours in to gaming to often consider going all out for a top PC gaming rig, but a newborn son threw a wrench in to that plan pretty quickly lol.


What are you gaming with nowadays?



I'm definitely a couch player on my console (Xbox One X).  I don't play mobile games at all.


My console is hooked up to my 65" 4K HDR Samsung TV.


I have a soundbar attached that I'll use sometimes but about 2 years ago I picked up a gaming headset for the first time (Wireless Astro A50) and now I can't game without a headset.  My Astro A50s stopped working out of warranty (I believe from faulty firmware) so I had to get a new set.  I was pretty choked because the A50s were $400.  Volume on them is stuck at what seems to be about 25%.  I got some help by them to re-flash the firmware but that didn't solve the issue.  I ended up going back to a wired pair of headphones for the time being.



Community Manager
Community Manager

That sounds awesome. I currently run with a 65" 4K Sony X900E TV that I picked up via a bonkers Black Friday sale, and while I run through a soundbar as well, I've often thought of rolling with a headset on the oft chance my wife or son is sleeping but I wanna keep playing haha.


Thanks for the reminder...I'm gonna start looking around again to see if I can find a used pair somewhere to give it a go before Gears 5 and Borderlands 3 drop.

A headset changed gaming for me and I wish I had bought one sooner.  I play a lot of competitive shooters so being able to hear clearly where the enemy is around me has been a huge help.  

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I am an avid PC gamer. I run a 3800x , 32gb ram on a Aorus Elite by gigabyte and a 2070. 

for monitor i am using the ultrawide by alienware at 120hz, and a 4k 29" by samsung for a 2nd monitor. pretty decent setup


My chair of choice is the Secret Lab Titan, and my peripherals are all logitech. 


got  2 secondary rigs for my wife and the child. a bit dated but very capable for 1080p gaming. 


We got a console upstairs (x1) on a 55" TV, but it is used mostly for sports games by the kid and his friends and netflix. 


all our habits are carried by the 1gb fiber plan and makes our gaming experience smooth as butter

Community Manager
Community Manager

Now THAT'S a rig! My setup doesn't even pale in comparison. Smiley LOL