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Many gamers believe that fast download and upload speed is the single most important factor for ensuring smooth, lag-free online play. While speed is definitely a's often latency, packet loss, and jitter that determine the quality and consistency of your online gaming experience.


TELUS PureFibre is both the fastest and most reliable internet technology for gamers, delivering lower latency, consistent connection quality, symmetrical download and upload speeds, as well as less frequent outages. You can learn more about the super gaming advantages of TELUS PureFibre here! 


Whether you’re connected to TELUS PureFibre or our high speed network, applying a few simple in-home optimizations can unlock your home network’s top performance instantly. The following overview will take you through some tips and tricks to help you bring your home network and game play to the next level!


What Causes Lag?




Measured in milliseconds (‘ms’), latency is also known as your ‘ping’. Latency is the amount of time it takes data packets to travel from your computer to a game server and back. Depending on where you live, you may be at a significant geographic distance from your favourite games’ server which often leads to you suffering from a higher amount of latency and thus experiencing in-game ‘lag’.


By providing PureFibre from your home to our network and creating an extensive list of connection partnerships with the world's leading game publishers, TELUS has created an end-to-end low latency gaming network that will give you the edge you need!




Jitter expresses how stable your latency is. Does it fluctuate or is it steady? Jitter can be even more important than latency for gaming because game servers try to compensate for different players’ latency during online play. This process doesn't work well if the players’ latency keeps changing.


Jitter should be as close to 0ms as possible. Whilst TELUS can't control what is happening in game servers and across the internet, PureFibre technology from our network to your home is practically jitter-free, helping you have the best possible gaming experience. 


Packet Loss


Data packets sent while gaming don’t always reach their destination intact.  If lost packets need to be re-transmitted, lag can occur.  A common cause of packet loss is network congestion, which occurs when some portion of the network between your computer and the gaming server is overwhelmed with more traffic than it can handle.


TELUS’ PureFibre network is designed to offer high network capacity and eliminate potential bottlenecks, keeping packet-loss near 0%.



Top 5 Ways To Reduce Lag


1. Game On A Wired Connection


The simplest and most immediate action you can take to reduce lag, latency, jitter, and packet loss is to use a wired internet connection. Plug your console or PC into your router directly rather than using Wi-Fi. There are all sorts of things that can interfere with a Wi-Fi signal that directly impact gaming performance. We recommend using Cat5e/6 ethernet cabling and a max cable length of 100 metres. Avoid converters that use your home's electric power circuits instead of ethernet cabling, as these can be unreliable and add jitter or packet loss.


2. Turn Off Bandwidth-Intensive Applications


When gaming, it's best to turn off unnecessary programs that are heavy network users. You may have a very fast network speed but not all applications use the internet the same way and in some cases they can negatively impact each other. If possible, turn off streaming video, torrents, cloud-sync, and big file downloads.


3. Disable Firewalls While Gaming


While we recommend enabling firewalls to protect your online security, the filtering process of a firewall hits all outgoing and incoming traffic through your connection. In general, firewalls shouldn't affect latency. If your firewall however is misconfigured, it can noticeably affect game network performance. 


Please note that the latest firewall options support a "gamer mode" or "full screen mode" that minimizes impact on gaming. Be sure to look in your firewall settings for this, often indicated by a ‘QoS Settings’ option. (Quality of Service). If your firewall doesn't have this feature, you can temporarily pause a firewall's protection while gaming, but remember to turn it back on afterwards.


4. Update Windows OS / OSX Settings


Windows Users - Go into wireless adapter settings and select 'Prefer 5GHz band'. Then go to Power Settings via the Control Panel and select 'High Performance Mode'. This turns off power-save mode for the wireless adapter and sets your CPU to run at 100%.


MacOS Users - Similarly for Mac, go to Energy Saver and ensure your Mac / MacBook isn’t going into power save modes which may decrease gaming performance.


All Users - For PC and Mac gaming, ensure your desktop or laptop is always connected to AC power; avoid using battery whenever possible.



How To Optimize Your Wi-Fi Signal


Prefer to game wirelessly? Follow these tips to maximize your gaming experience without being wired in!


1. Optimize Router Placement


As mentioned previously, a wired LAN connection is best when it comes to gaming. That said, if your connection can't be wired, you want to ensure you have the strongest signal on the most modern Wi-Fi technology available to you. To do this, ensure your gaming device is located as close as possible to your router in the home.


Place your router in a central, elevated position and avoid placing it on the floor, in an entertainment unit, or next to solid barriers. Concrete, stone, and metal will deaden a Wi-Fi signal which would inevitably impact your game performance and speed. Avoid placing your gateway device anywhere near or behind your TV or other metal-based devices (i.e. blu-ray players) due to the high metal content.


2. Switch Your Router To 5GHz


The latest Wi-Fi routers will give you the choice of dual-band 2.4G and 5G wireless signals. For improved latency performance and faster game downloads, ensure your router is optimizing your speed to automatically send you a 5G signal. If you have a dual-band gateway on your router, your signals split and can select to connect to both 2.4G or 5G Wi-Fi connections. You'll want to select 5G.


Also, assign your console / gaming computer to the 5G channel and all other traffic to the 2.4G channel. Avoid using wireless headsets if possible, particularly if you must use the 2.4G channel. Windows users can also go into wireless adapter settings and select 'Prefer 5G band'.


3. Avoid Sharing Wi-Fi With Older Devices


Wi-Fi is shared between all devices that connect to it. Wi-Fi has two speeds, 5G (faster) and 2.4G (slower). If you have an older device connected to Wi-Fi such as an old laptop, it can sometimes force your gateway to connect to all devices at that slower speed. If your game console or PC is connecting at 2.4G, look for old connected devices and try turning them off. Reconnect your gaming device and see if it's now using 5G.


4. Boost Your Signal Using Wi-Fi Extenders


Wi-Fi extenders, such as TELUS Boost Wi-Fi create a mesh network within the home that ensures your gaming devices are consistently getting the strongest connection. For optimal performance, we also recommend hardwiring each Boost device directly to your TELUS gateway. With TELUS PureFibre + Boost Wi-Fi, you'll enjoy the best internet technology for speed and reliability, with blazing fast Wi-Fi in every corner of your home!



Select The Best Internet Plan For Gaming


The best gaming internet service is fast, both in download and upload, has a stable low latency, and minimal packet loss. Fibre optic technology such as TELUS PureFibre is the best choice in the market for fast, uninterrupted data transmission.


High download speeds ensure games and patch downloads are finished as quickly as possible. Faster upload speeds deliver a superior experience, insulating you from network congestion. To see if your home is enabled for TELUS PureFibre or to learn more about the superior benefits of gaming on PureFibre, check out our website! 

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