Rogers Smart home thinking of switching to Telus (Hardware question)


Hi guys, 

I am currently with Rogers Smart home (in BC) and thinking of switching to Telus. The sales person told me ALL my EXISTING H.W is compatible with Telus. Is there anyway I can verify this?

My current setup:

  • ALL Windows/Doors have WIRED sensors.
  • 3 WIRED Motions Sensors 
  • 3 WIRED keypads
  • 1 WIRED CO2 sensor
  • 1 WIRED Smart Thermostat
  • 2 Wireless SMART LOCKS (Yale Brand)
  • 1 Wireless CO2 Sensor 
  • 1 Wireless Leak sensor 
  • 2 Wireless outdoor Camera
  • 1 Smart plug and 1 smart LED bulb (dont really care if they work or not)

Is there anyway I can check compatibility?

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