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Anyone else having issues with intermittent poor video recordings on Telus Wi-Fi cameras
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What quality do you have the camera set to? What is the signal strength?

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Resolution 1920x1080
Standard image quality
5 frames per second
Good signal strength
Connected by booster that is less than 25 feet of each camera.
Intermittent issue, had cameras, router, boosters all replaced by Telus.
Rush man tech can not figure out why it sometimes records fine and others glitchy

When you are viewing the recording playback, are you watching on the alarm.com website or the Smart Home Security app on a mobile device? When watching, are you connected via WiFi or using cellular LTE?


Try downgrading the recording resolution to 720p for a day or 2 and see if that improves recording quality. The WiFi signal to the camera may be ok but it might be on the weaker end of OK and would explain the issues with glitchy recordings.

I believe you are correct in the low Wi-Fi signal strength.
I have been having issues with wifi for over a year now.
Even with three boosters in the house I get inconsistent Wi-Fi

Try change the channels that your wifi transmites on.