Existing Wired Sensors, Control4 Integration and PoE


I have been trying since March to subscribe to the Telus Control + Video plan with DIY installation. Covid has been an impediment, but there are other hurdles within the Telus system.

I have a Honeywell Ademco System with hard-wired sensors including motion and smoke. I also have Control4 smart home that is not integrated into our security system.

The Telus SmartHome offer would provide a significantly upgraded interface at a lower monthly monitoring fee. 

I don't need an onsite visit or assistance with the installation, but Telus insists. E-mails have been ignored and I've been placed on telephone hold for hours (a bit exaggerated and their music isn't as bad as some) while I get passed to the person (yet to be found or hired?) who can place the order for me. 


If you have a similar issue, here is the solution:

  1. Don't use Telus SmartSync to take over an existing hard-wired system–instead DIY
    Telus will propose in my case, two IQ Hardwire 8-S's. But on the Qolsys site, a deficiency of the 8-S is "Not for use with life safety devices, such as Smoke or CO detectors"
    Instead, order the IQ Hardwire 16-F from Amazon.ca <C$200. Zone 16 is a dedicated 2-wire fire loop that will handle a maximum of 10 smoke detectors. But, note, the 16-F is not for use with CO detectors.
    You can leave your siren hardwired into your existing system as opposed to relying on the buzzer(!) on the Qolysys panel as you would with 8-S.
    16-F firmware was upgraded in 2019 c/w 2017 for the 8-s
    IQ Hardwire 16-F installation video
  2. Since 2007, we have repeatedly requested from our current suppliers integration of security system with Control4. It hasn't happened for a raft of excuses. In Sept 2019, Qolysys added a firmware modification and driver that will allow a Control4 screen to act as a secondary screen to arm and disarm the security system. Further integration is planned.
  3. Telus provides two outdoor security cameras. Alarm.com ADC-V722 and V723, neither of which are PoE. Does anyone know if Telus will supply the ADC_VC826 PoE camera instead?

Hoping the Telus/ADT mindset will contact me accept my order while the promotion that expires on June 30 is still available.


In further analyzing my existing system, it turns out that my smoke detectors are 4-wire systems, so would need to be replaced with 2-wire units and the 16-F, or just upgrade directly to a wireless smoke detector. The IQ Hardwired 8-S and 16-S panels are older technology than the 16-F, and no longer carried by parties such as Alarm Grid, but should work as well. The 16-S will drive a 500 ma siren. I don't know about the 8-S. 


Telus do not supply PoE security cameras, only the V723 for outdoors (other than the doorbell cam). The V722 is still included in the installation instructions, but hasn't been available for 6 months.


I've been able to subscribe to the Secure Plan and may add a PoE camera later from Alarm Grid. I'll post later has to how well the hardwire and Control4 DIY integration proceeds.