ADC-VDB105 Slimline Doorbell Camera Stops Recording

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For the most part I am very happy with the Telus Security system since it was installed.  I was able to use all of my old wired sensors, install some of my own sensors and z-wave devices.


The only reoccurring issue at the moment is in relation to the Skybell Slimline Doorbell Camera.  It works flawlessly for a certain amount of time, but for no reason and without warning, it stops uploading/recording clips.  We still get notified of motion/button presses, and we can still connect to it live, but no recording for motion-events or other triggers occur.  This issue is well documented online on many forums relating to and the Skybell slim-line camera.  The only resolution is to reboot the doorbell camera which does resolve the issue, but only for a few weeks; the camera eventually returns to not recording clips.  So bottom-line, it is not reliable and can not be trusted to record consistently.  I can't simply keep rebooting it every time this happens and hoping that it will be recording when I need it to.

What is also rather troublesome is the ability to see the current firmware version and determine if the slim line camera has an update available like the other cameras via the customer portal.  I have seen screen captures from other companies which DO show this option for the slim-line camera, so I'm not sure why this is unavailable/hidden from the TELUS/ site.


I contacted support multiple times and was told to reboot the camera, and then to factory-reset and set it up again.  I have done these multiple times so I am having them replace it with the other doorbell camera model with the hopes that it work.

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Community Power User

My skybell (round) firmware clearly shows up on


Log into your account>Video>Settings> (from the drop down menu choose your video device)>video device info


You will see the firmware version and current firmware version.



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Unfortunately no, it's not visible at all.  Again this is the "slimline" camera, not the round one.  I'm well aware of where it should be, and it is for all of my other video cameras - just not the slimline doorbell camera. 


I'd attach the screen shot if that feature were actually working on this site (sigh).



There is a known bug with one of the recent doorbell firmware pushes that will cause the camera to randomly stop recording. The temporary solution is to power cycle the unit by unscrewing the small locking screw on the bottom and removing it from the wall so it loses power. After about 30 seconds screw it back on. There is a fix coming soon in a future firmware update.